• Old Sarge Curtis

Hello Again, Happy Friday....

Hello and Happy Friday to you all. I hope everybody is doing well, I got some very good news today my Derek Jeter plaque went from 104 place to 53rd Pl. It has over 6000 votes I'm sorry that you guys can't vote for me, only the Members of The Wood Burning and Wood Carving Association can actually vote for me. From what I understand the Association is across the whole United States of America and parts of Europe. I have talked to people around the United States but nobody from Europe, it's not because I haven't tried, because I have tried it's just that none of them ever answered me or reply back to me I'm not sure why but that doesn't keep me up nights LOL. I am making a Reggie Jackson plaque basically just to see who remembers good old Reggie Mr. October. Reggie Jackson is one of my favorite all-time Yankees, yes I was once a Yankee fan. I am a Mets fan now even though they lose so much it's not funny. Life with me is going good, I see the surgeon about my left hand on Monday and hopefully I will get this soft cast off and I will have more movement for what I'm doing my art. Let's hope for the best, of course I'll keep you all posted I'm really enjoying this blog now. I'm not sure if anybody's reading this, I hope they are I'm getting no replies or comments. So who's going to be the first to write a comment? Again I wish you all the best of luck, best of health,

and may God bless all of You and may God bless the United States of America. Thank you Old Sarge Curtis


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