• Old Sarge Curtis

Saturday day after Surgery...

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Man Oh Man, has this been a busy week. The surgery went well, I have lots of pain still and hate taking the pain pill. I want to thank everybody for your patience and waiting for your orders I will get them out as soon as possible. I really do think that I'll be back to a least 50% production on Monday and 100% before the end of the week.

I really like this blog and I love this site I would highly recommend WIX for anybody wishing to have a business site. It helps get the word out there whether you're a very small business like myself are a large business, Me I wish to stay a small business forever, I just love doing the art. I know wood burning is a dying art but I love it and I love mixing it with carving. It may be wrong for me to say this, but I really really enjoy when somebody gives me a compliment about my workthe maybe that's why I enjoyed a flea markets so much. Or as I stated before maybe I'm just Irish Italian and love to talk LOL. I was so very proud of my daughter this week, I am so proud she is now a member of the blue family and no matter where she goes around the world she shall have family. I must admit I do miss all my brothers and sisters in blue. I have known some really great people. But I got the breakfast crew, Dominick, Bobby and Mike. Life is good. Please leave comments good or bad. God bless all of you and God bless America. Old Sarge Curtis


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