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Welcome and I hope you enjoy my site as much I enjoyed working with Mr. Michael Reale to make it for you. As you read on my site I am an Old Army Dog and served a little over 10 years in the U.S. Army and after being out of the Army for just a few hours I became a Hudson County Correctional Officer and started working in a very hard core jail. I have had the honor of working with some GREAT Officers and Supervisors. Later on in my career I myself became a supervisor and I pray I did a good job at it, I retired as a Lieutenant and I am very proud of that. Now I do wood carving and burning art for some really good people, I enjoy doing the shows and flea markets because I get to talk with you guys. I love people and as an Irish/Italian I LOVE to talk lol ...

Every Sunday, during the flea market season you can find me in Beautiful Keyport at the flea market on Front Street down by the water, God how I love my New Home Town. Hey guys, you never know what you can find at the Flea Market lol. Even if you just walk away with having a new friend "Me" it is worth it.

I want you all to know it does not matter how big or small your order is I will take pride in doing it for you and I thank you for the order, "Remember if you don't like it, you don't buy it" you work hard for your money and should not have to buy something that is NOT just how you wanted it.

Please leave feed back on my site good or bad just be REAL....

God Bless You All and God Bless America

Old Sarge


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