About Old Sarge

Hello and welcome to my website!


Here is a little about myself.

My name is Curtis Cannon, I am a proud father, a former U.S. Army Sergeant so I have great pride in everything I do and as you can see I do many wood burning's for veterans and parents of veterans, please take your time and look at my military art. Last but NOT least I am a  Retired Corrections Lieutenant, So my art work for Law Enforcement is done with love and respect.


After being honorary discharged and only being out of uniform for one day, I became a Correction Officer, I retired after 25 years as a Lieutenant. Currently I am living in Beautiful Keyport, New Jersey, I love my small town very much.


Being an old fashion Wood burner, I take great pride and honor in making your design just as you want it. Wood burning, to me, is a great art and I enjoy it very much. I am a father so I understand how much a parent wants their child to have the perfect wood burning. Take your time think about what art work you want and let us work as a team and make your design a reality, remember if you are NOT 100% happy with the art work it cost you nothing and I will do it until YOU are happy with the art work.



Please enjoy my website and contact me if you have any questions or just to say Hello...